Autumn Treats

Bonfire Toffee

Autumn is approaching and although I am not looking forward to some cooler weather, I am starting to get excited about new flavours and seasonal treats that will come hand in hand with it. For me the sweet treat I am looking forward to making and eating the most is; salted bonfire toffee shards. Although these are not the most visually inspiring of treats they are absolutely delicious. I started to make them last year, tired of chunky chewy toffees I wanted something thin and crisp that I could bite through without spending half an hour trying to get it out of my teeth. So I produced a thin shard dipped in dark chocolate. I found the ratio of chocolate to toffee was perfect for my taste and with a little sprinkle of see salt on top it was spot on.

Perfect for crisp Autumn evenings next to the bonfire or snuggled inside, this is my go to treat for the Autumn.


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