Brownie Recipe

This is a wonderful brownie recipe, it's the one I always use when I make brownies at home. It uses milk chocolate rather than dark, which may sound a little sweet. However combined with  the light Muscovado sugar which has a slight molasses taste and a little salt it balances very well

Line a deep baking tin approximately 8 by 12 inches with grease proof baking paper and preheat the oven to 150 degree c

First weigh

200g butter

350g milk chocolate

Into a microwavable bowl, melt together using the microwave. Use short 30 second blasts to avoid burning your mixture and stir each time. You can use a bain marie if you do not have a microwave, however take care not to get steam/moisture into you mix (you can cover the bowl with cling film to protect)

Once you have incorporated the two ingredients together ( you should have a shiny ganache like mixture) set the bowl to one side.


3 eggs

120g light muscovado sugar

into one bowl and into a separate bowl weigh

50g plain flour

1 tbsp. cocoa powder

half a tsp salt

Stir this mix until  ingredients evenly incorporated


Now use an electric whisk to whisk egg and sugar mix until the mixture is doubled in volume, this could take 5 minutes or more. It's important to do this as this is the only raising agent in this recipe, there is no baking powder so air is added at this stage.

Next gently fold the chocolate and butter mixture to the egg and sugar mix, taking care not to knock the air out. Then gradually sieve the flour, cocoa and salt in, folding the ingredients in gently.

Once these ingredients are fully incorporated put the brownie mix into your prepared tin and carefully use a palette knife to evenly spread the mixture .

Bake for 30-35min a crust should form on the top and should be firm, not be liquid underneath. Bake for longer if needed.

Leave to cool on a wire rack and only serve when the brownie has completely cooled

Add nuts or chocolate chips for different variations

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