Gin and Tonic with a twist of Lime

Gin and Tonic with a twist of lime

I first started developing this chocolate a few years ago. It was originally a gift for a friend. I had wanted to try making a chocolate in these flavours for a while and it was a good excuse to start. Getting these flavours in a chocolate was tricky and so I need to make it two layers . Since I first made this I have continued to develop the recipe to try and get the most intense flavours possible; zesty lime, warm gin botanicals and the fresh tonic finish. Once I had perfected the recipe I entered it into the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2018. To my surprise and delight I received a Silver Award. I was so pleased as there were thousands of applicants for these awards and Chocolatiers from around the world enter. So I knew there was tough competition.  Gin and Tonic With a twist of lime Chocolates

Since I started making them they have acquired their own little fan club

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