Great British Bake Off; Pastry Week

Great British Bake Off; Pastry Week

Pastry!! I really enjoyed watching this weeks challenge, it also made me very hungry... I like a good pastry. I was sad to see Dan go as he's a fellow Sheffielder. But it did seem to be the right choice.

I can't say I have ever made samosa's, but I love eating them and I liked the idea of doing these in sweet varieties too.  Oh my Goodness the final Challenge did make me want some kind of pie for dinner. Remember when making any of the following pastries; puff, Danish, short or rough puff. You must rest your pastry after forming. Usually it is also advisable to refrigerate in between stages of cutting to create neat pastry that bakes nicely and keeps it's shape.

On the second challenge; choux pastry was one of the elements which phased some of the contestants. It is really important when making the paste that you cook it out in the pan properly before adding the egg into the mix which is the final stage before piping.  Your mix should come away from the sides of your pan as you cook it out. If you don't cook this sufficiently at this stage you will end up with a sloppy mix which will not rise nicely in the oven. It will also not have adequate firmness to create a good shape for whatever you wish to create. It's important also to mention that you must not open the oven door whilst it's baking.

If you wish to learn more about this you can book our patisserie course to have hands on tuition with choux pastry and other patisserie creations.

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Next week is Vegan week which I'm very much looking forward to seeing, vegan meringue here we come.

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