Great British Bake Off; Response to Cake Week

Chocolate Cake

Firstly I felt so sorry for the bakers with this challenge! A hot day and tempering Chocolate was just a bit mean of the producers! Even professionals would find this hard. Ideal room temperature for tempering chocolate is 18 to 20 degrees C and people; don't use a glass bowl to temper chocolate in as the bakers did in this episode. The glass will retain heat and heat up your chocolate when your objective is to cool it down.  Instead use a plastic microwaveable bowl .  I thought the contestants did well under these tough circumstance.

So here is one of my favourite Chocolate Cake recipe;


3 egg yolks

250 ml vedge oil

250 ml of hot water

100g cocoa powder

525g caster sugar

5g ground coffee

4 eggs whole

10g bicarb of soda

150g Dark Rum

Place cocoa powder, sugar and coffee into a bowl. Pour hot water onto cocoa powder, sugar and coffee whisking as you do. Mix until there are no lumps. Set the mix to one side. Sieve flour and bicarb to another separate bowl and set aside.

You will need an electric mixer or electric hand whisk for this stage.Whisk egg yolks on the highest speed until they are aerated. They should approximately double in volume and have a creamy appearance. Slowly add the oil whilst whisking on the highest speed. Add in very small sections. Do this slowly to avoid you mix splitting. You will basically have a mayonnaise mix at the end of this. process.

Now slowly add the cocoa water mix into the egg mix using the whisk end. Add the eggs one at a time. Add the flour mix a hand full at a time. Make sure to do this slowly, turn up the whisk speed at the end to remove any residual lumps. Now slowly add rum.

Divide you mix between three 10 inch lined cake tins and bake at 150 degrees C in a fan assisted oven.  When the cake is baked you should feel the sponge spring back when you gently press your finger onto the center of the cake. Use a skewer to check the middle is baked if you are still unsure (a skewer should come out clean). Leave your cakes to cool on a wire rack. Cakes must be completely cool for the next stage.


Bring 675g of double cream to the boil

Pour onto 500g of chopped chocolate use 50% dark and 50% milk chocolate

Gently stir until you have a smooth shiny ganache mix

Pour half  your mix into a clean bowl and refrigerate, stirring every 5 mins until you have a soft spreadable mixture. Put the other half to one side so this remains liquid form. Use the firmer mix to sandwich your cakes together. Place cake on a wire rack with a tray underneath to catch the excess ganache. Pour the liquid ganache over the cake so there is an even layer coating the cake, you will need to use a step palette knife to even the ganache out. Refrigerate. Once Ganache is set decorate as desired, chocolate shards are my usual preference.






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