Our Story

Award Winning Chocolates

The Cocoa Mester Story begins with the name Mester. In Sheffield this is a local term for the master craftsmen, originally referring to Artisan Metal Workers; The Little Mesters. Inspired by these Independent and highly skilled Artisans we named our brand Cocoa Mester.

The Beginning

Starting with an stall at a farmers market, and a passion for chocolate, local heritage and passing on the knowledge Cocoa Mester has grown into a wonderful business with staple products and bespoke creations.

We are passionate about our craft and use fine fragrant cocoa to create products that look beautiful and taste superb.

Anna of Cocoa Mester

What we do

We make artisan chocolates in exciting seasonal flavours. We make all our yummy chocolates from Couveture Cacao including a number of single origin varieties from Colombia. Our chocolate is sustainable and ensures ethical trade and infrastructure for the communities that farm the cacao. We are based in Kelham Island Sheffield, in the heart of Sheffield’s heritage area. We named our brand Cocoa Mester to acknowledge the rich history of Master Crafts people in Sheffield, known as the “Little Mesters”.

Like The Little Mesters we are Independent and take a pride in producing products of the highest quality, although our material of choice is chocolate rather than precious metals.

We use Sheffield hallmarking on all our products to state the origin and quality of our product just like the Little Mesters.

How We Do It

We select Single Origin Couveture to make our delicious chocolate creations. Each selection is created to compliment the distinct flavour profile of the cacao used.

All our products are hand made in small batches.

We make all our caramels and ganaches using fresh ingredients with our own unique recipes.

We also create unique toppings for our bars and shards such as ginger bread croutons, caramel nut mixes and dehydrated fruits.

We have a stock of all year round products which we add exciting seasonal options and limited editions to.




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