Our Story

Award Winning Chocolates

The Cocoa Mester Story begins with the name Mester. In Sheffield this is a term for the master craftsmen, originally referring to Artisan Metal Workers; The Little Mesters. Inspired by these Independent and highly skilled Artisans we named our brand Cocoa Mester.

The Beginning

Starting with a passion for Chocolate and a desire to bring mouth watering chocolates to our home town of Sheffield. We started making chocolates from home at our kitchen table to sell at a farmers markets. Since then, we have gone on to create chocolates that compete at an international standard and received coveted  Academy of Chocolate awards in 2018 and 2019.

We are passionate about our craft and use fine couverture chocolate from Single Origin beans to create chocolates in small batches.

What we do

We make artisan chocolates in exciting seasonal flavours using couverture chocolate from  single origin beans. All of our chocolate is sustainable and ensures ethical trade and infrastructure for the communities that farm the beans.

We promise to never use palm oil in any of our chocolates.



How We Do It

There's no big secret to it; we just use quality ingredients and we don't cut any corners.

Cocoa tastes different depending on the region it is grown in. So we select our favourite tasting single origin chocolate and match it to compliment the flavours of other ingredients we use.

All our products are handmade in small batches from fresh ingredients using our own unique recipes. We are passionate about bringing you unforgettable chocolate .





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